Knitting Yarn And Wool


Knitting yarn and wool exist in different ranges according to its beauty and softness. Brands such as Rowan, Wendy and Debby bliss are the favorite brands for many knitters.Katia and Tuber pater wool is the new wool in the market. The knitting wool and yarn that is commonly used is Millamia natural soft merino that has 34 shades.

Merino wool yarn is soft in texture and is used to craft fiber. Knitting yarns comes in assortments of different types. By looking at the yarn ball, you can know the yarn constituents. Knitting yarn are categorized according to their weight. The following are different types of knitting yarn:

Chunk yarn

It is thick and is the most popular since it is easy to use. It has elasticity which is good and is made up of fibers which are loose to give the garment an allowance of stretch when it is knitted.

Acrylic yarns

They are also popular in use since they mantainence which is easy. It is made up of plastic which is spun and it is not expensive.

Cotton yarns

They have absorbent fabric and is used in making dishcloths for kitchens. The disadvantage it has is that, it loses its shape when it has been washed.

Wool yarns.

It holds its shape as compared to the cotton one. The disadvantage with it is that it is itchy and shrinks on machine wash.

Types of knitting wool.

They are of 4 different types.i.e.fine, medium, long wool type and double coated wool type.


It is soft and has a crimp abrasion which wears out the wool. Their breeds are Rambouillet and merino. They are good for luxury items that do not need much care in handling.

Medium type

They are bouncy and springy. It is used to make sweaters, gloves, socks and blankets.

Wool type

It is divided into y2.the long and double coated types The long type is strong and shiny and is used for making bags and upholstery. It works best for durable items. The double coated one is fiber and sturdy and is used to make pillows and can be used for carpeting.