Welcome to website owned by Aubrey whose hobby is knitting. She knits different types of clothes suitable for gifts. A gift which is knitted using a hand is something which is special when it is sent or received. Knitting gifts for special occasions that can be given as gifts include; socks, blankets which are gorgeous, soft sweaters, socks and many others. She uses different patterns such as; colorful knitted dishcloth, diamond pattern throw, popcorn and cables scarf and also soft and columns patterns.

She says that, the idea of knitting gifts do not require a lot of time. The following are the gifts that she knits:

Gift card holder


It is simple as a gift card and is something which is special. The recipient can use it to hold business cards and other important small papers.

Bookish winter socks which are thick.

They are the most preferable as compared to gloves. They consume the knitting time since she do not need to knit where the fingers can enter.

Fern leaf socks which are thick.


Aubrey wished to have time for knitting the socks which are cozy for everyone – they are only reserved for special people for special occasions. She uses bulky yarn and larger needles for quick and stichy socks for everyone. She uses size 8 in stitching the socks than usual.

The eternal rose gift

Since Valentine’s day is coming and everybody is looking for an amazing gift Aubrey is sure this Valentine’s gift guide will come in handy to many of you! Enjoy!

Gauntlet mittens

This is gloves with long curves and perfect to everyone. They are of different colors and sizes.


This is a knitted jewelry with a hand painted fingering. The can be used in different occasions such as wedding and birthdays.

Opera necklaces and beech wood neck wrap.

The opera necklace is an easy way to dress up painless garments with a stunning jewelry.

Gifts which are knitted show an impression of caring to the recipient. Most summer brides adore the bridal sampler which is a soft and elegant treasure. They also like wedding pillow which is knitted for a perfect ring bearing.